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Wooden Cases

Wooden cases or timber crates are perfect if you need to package a high value or delicate item over a long distance. Further, wooden cases will provide you with a more secure solution as they will be very strong & durable.  Therefore they are ideal were you will package your product for export to another country.

In our timber factory we can make various wooden, timber or plywood crates.  If you need to air freight your product, then a corrugated case with timber framing will provide a strong but lighter solution.  We can make one case, or one hundred cases. Also with our dedicated design team, we can engineer and customise your wooden box to ensure your product will be perfectly protected.

All of our wooden items conform to ISPM15 regulations. This is an international standard adopted by many countries to prevent the spread of wood boring pests. Many countries will block the importation of timber packaging unless it will conform to these regulations.

Wooden Cases Checklist

To help ensure we will provide you with the perfect timber case, here are some questions to consider.

  • What will be the weight of the product you will package?
  • Will a forklift need to access your case from all 4 sides?
  • Could internal cushioning help to reduce the impact of jolts?
  • Can the box be double stacked?
  • And are lifting hooks required to facilitate the handling by a crane?

We have years of experience with packaging solutions so if you would like more information, help or advice on timber packaging then please contact us on the number above, or use our Contact Form.  We will be happy to help.

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