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Tri-Wall or Triple Wall Corrugated Cases

Heavy duty Tri-Walled cardboard boxes (or triple wall cardboard corrugated), as the name suggests, contains three layers of fluting.  This will provide you with a very strong, but lightweight packaging solution. Thus triple wall offers you a great alternative to a timber pallet box.  We can print your boxes in up to three colours with your company logo and artwork.  It will also be ideal were weight will be a critical cost factor.  For example, if your product will travel via airfreight.  All Tri-wall boards can be made using a wet strength adhesive.  This will enable your case to withstand up to 24 hours in water.

Being an official Tri-Wall Fabricator, we will help you at every stage of the way to find your perfect packaging solution.  So from initial review, design, development and full laboratory performance testing, we can provide you with expert advice.

Benefits of Tri-Wall

  • Economic and lightweight
  • Reusable and can be recycled
  • You can store the packaging flat, thus reducing your storage requirements
  • Impressive stacking strength
  • Built in cushioning properties that improve shock absorption


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