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Strapping Polyester & Polypropylene

We supply Polypropylene products, PET Extruded Polyester and Corded Polyester Strapping equipment.  These come in various sizes and breaking strengths to suit your particular industry need.  Whether your requirement is the securing of light goods, automated machine systems, or the securing of heavy duty engineering products, we will be able to advise a suitable solution.  We also stock strapping tools and dispensers.

Polypropylene Strapping

This is the most popular type of plastic strap for palletizing and securing lights items.  A wide range of widths, strengths and colours are available and you can even have your Company name printed on the strap.  Hand strap is supplied in plastic spools, while machine grade will often be wound on cardboard cores.  Also edge protectors and edgeguard are available to prevent the strap from cutting into your boxes.  As various breaking strengths of polypropylene strap are available, it is important to ensure you have the correct product.

Cordstrap Polyester Strapping

Cordstrap composite (cc) strapping is ideal for strapping heavier loads.  It is made from high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating.  This makes it very strong and is known as synthetic steel.  Due to its strength polyester strapping is a great alternative to steel strap for heavy loads.  This provides several advantages.  Firstly it is nonabrasive.  So it will not damage your product during transit.  Also you can at any stage retention the strap.  You can purchase a wide variety of widths and strengths.  Examples of widths available include 16mm, 19mm and 25mm.


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