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ShockWatch & TiltWatch Indicators

ShockWatch & TiltWatch labels provide you with the tools to help protect your product during delivery.  For most manufacturers, it will be impossible to be with your product 100% of the journey to your customer.  ShockWatch & TiltWatch labels are the next best thing.  They will give a clear indication of how people will handle your product during delivery. And they will permanently record any unacceptable handling.

ShockWatch & TiltWatch Benefits:

  • A cost effective way of monitoring your product during delivery.
  • A self adhesive backing, enables you to easily attach the label to the outer packaging.
  • The product will be active for the complete length of the journey.
  • A highly visible dye will be released into the device, once a predetermined level of handling has been exceeded.
  • Printed handling directions communicate special handling conditions at a quick glance.

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