Everything from corrugated boxes, plywood cases and bubble wrap to advanced impact and humidity protectors

Reusable Packaging Plywood and Plastic

If you have a regular return journey from your customer, an avenue to explore is the use of reusable packaging.  As well as being the obvious benefits to the environment, there are also considerable financial savings over the life time of the packaging.  Also we are able to store your returned packaging in our dedicated warehouse and redeliver on a just in time basis.

    Examples of Reusable Packaging

Reusable Plywood Box

Wooden boxes are ideal for the automotive, telecommunications, electronics and aircraft industries.  Our reusable plywood cases set the standard for collapsible, returnable packaging. We have a specialised timber factory which produces strong integrated pallet/case units.  Also with the ability to include shock absorbing characteristics with foam and cushioned feet.  This makes them ideal for repeated use.  Further options include paint, toggle latches and desiccant bags to attract any moisture which may gather during transportation.

Timber Frame/Plastic Correx Cases

Plastic Correx offers a lighter alternative to plywood.  This can be framed with timber to produce a sturdy construction.  As well as being lighter, plastic will offer better protection if left out in the open.

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