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Padded Bags and Bubble Mailers

We stock a range of Jiffy Padded Bags which offer excellent protection for sending smaller items through the post.

Jiffy Padded Bags are made with a tough outer paper and an inner fibre lining, which is made from 100% recycled paper fibre lining.  This makes them tear and puncture resistant and very durable. Next the bag contains a doubled glued bottom flap with no side seams.  Finally the bag contains a very easy to use self seal closure flap.  This is also easy to open by your customer, as it contains a convenient tear tape.

Our Most Popular Sizes of Padded Bags

  • PB0  135x229mm internal.
  • PB1  165x280mm internal.
  • PB3  195x343mm internal.
  • PB7  341x483mm internal.
  • PB8  442x661mm internal.


For more information on Jiffy Padded envelopes, click here, to watch a video published by Jiffy.

Another product is our lighter and more economical range of bubble lined mailers.  These are made from plastic bubble, lined with a white glazed paper and contain a self seal stip.  These are suitable where you will not require as much protection.

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