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Protective Foam Rolls and Sheets

Packaging foam rolls or as they are sometimes known as Jiffy foam, are a versatile, lightweight and low cost way of protecting your product.  Foam rolls come in a variety of sizes and thickness (see below).  As well as supplying foam in roll form, sheets of white etha foam are also available.  Being more rigid, you can use foam sheets to line the inside of wooden or corrugated cases.

Being clean and non abrasive, packaging foam will help to prevent scratches or scuffs on smooth or polished surfaces.  Also it’s high cushioning and compression strength will make it suitable to be used again and again.

As well as being ideal for packaging and protecting your product, because of its good thermal properties it can also be used within the construction industry.  An example of such use is as a wooden floor underlay.  You can also convert foam into small pouches, sleeves, and even larger furniture pouches.

Available Sizes of Foam rolls:

0.7mm thick x 1000mm wide x 300m long.
0.7mm thick x   500mm wide x 300m long.

1.0mm thick x   500mm wide x 600m long.

1.5mm thick x 1500mm wide x 200m long.

2.0mm thick x 1500mm wide x 150m long.

2.5mm thick x 1500mm wide x 120m long.

(other roll sizes & thicknesses are available on request)


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