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Edgeguard or Edgeboard

Edgeguard or Edge board, as they are sometimes known, are a simple and cost effective way for securing and protecting your product during transport.  Once you stack your boxes on a pallet, simply place cardboard edge protectors along the full length of each corner, before you apply the strapping and clingwrap.  This will help to protect your boxes at the vulnerable edges from dents and damage.  Further lengths can be placed on the top to prevent strapping from cutting into your product.

Also by using cardboard edge boards you will help to ensure your palletised boxes retain their shape.  In addition edgeboards help to provide extra strength for double stacking pallets.

Edgeguards are made from recycled carton board and can be fully recycled.  Thus they are a very environmentally friendly way of packaging your products.

Types of Edgeguard or Edgeboard Available

  • Various lengths and thicknesses available
  • Can be foil lined to avoid breakdown when exposed to the rain.
  • Self adhesive strips and be applied
  • Cutouts can be made to assist with shaping and bending the edgeguard

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