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General Purpose Corrugated Rolls

Corrugated rolls, or corrugated cardboard rolls, are a popular and cost effective way to protect your product.  Single face corrugated rolls are made from a raised fluted corrugated layer with a solid backing layer. So they are very lightweight.  Also being made from recycled paper, they are an environmentally friendly product and they can also renter the recycling chain.  Furthermore they are a good alternative to using less environmentally friendly bubble wrap.

You can use corrugated rolls as a wrap, as void fill, or as a cushioning material between products.   Since the layer of fluting will help to provide shockproof protection.  They are ideal for packing flat items.  To wrap your product, place your product against the fluting.  This will help to cushion your product and the cardboard will easily bend around your item.  Finally you can fold the ends and use packaging tape to secure.

Available Sizes of Corrugated Rolls:

750mm  x 75m
900mm  x 75m
1200mm x 75m

The fluting used is a 4mm C flute and the glue used is made up of a maize starch in powder form, mixed with water.

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