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Bubble Wrap Cushioning Material

Bubble Wrap rolls comes in a variety of sizes and makes great protective packaging.  It is made from transparent plastic sheet with regularly spaced air filled bubbles.  These air bubbles then provide cushioning for fragile items or larger items.  It is available in small bubble (air bubbles approximately 10mm in diameter) and large bubble (air bubbles approximately 25mm in diameter).

You can use bubble wrap as a void fill, light cushioning and protection. Furthermore, if you need to package electronic items, an antic-static version is available.  This helps to prevent damage to your products from static charge.

Packaging Tip: When wrapping your item, ensure the air bubbles are facing your product, and wrap your item in several layers of bubble wrap.  The more layers used, the greater the level of protection against shock and vibration fro heavy duty protection.  Finally secure the ends with packaging tape.

Bubble Wrap Sizes:

1500mm wide x 100m long   Small Bubble
1200mm wide x 100m long   Small Bubble
750mm wide   x 100m long   Small Bubble
500mm wide   x 100m long   Small Bubble
300mm wide   x 100m long   Small Bubble

1200mm wide x   50m long    Large Bubble Wrap

1500mm wide x 100m long   Anti Static Small Bubble

(other sizes are available on request).

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