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Pallets Standard and Bespoke

Pallets standard and bespoke were one of the first products to be manufactured by Frederick Jones.  Timber pallets can be either 2 way entry or 4 way entry.  4 way entry will give a forklift entry on all 4 sides.  The number of top and bottom boards can be adjusted to meet your specific load requirements.  And pallets tops can be either solid or open, with possible materials being timber or plywood.

A Euro Pallet is 1200mm x 800mm 4 way entry pallet which is made to a set specification, set out by the European Pallet Association. This is a specification accepted throughout Europe.

Bespoke Timber Pallets

As well as supplying you with standard pallets, our design team can design a range of bespoke products to meet your specific handling requirements.  These could include castors, cushioned feet, lifting hooks and other specific design features.  Thus providing you with a tailored solution.

All wooden items conform to ISPM15 regulations. This is an international standard adopted by many countries to prevent the spread of wood boring pests. Many countries will block the importation of timber packaging unless it will conform to the regulations.

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