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AirPack Inflatable Packaging Bags

If your company dispatches fragile goods that are prone to damage during transit, then AirPack Inflatable Packaging is the solution you have been searching for.

AirPack is a 100% recyclable inflatable protective packaging system which, when inflated will mould itself around your product creating an air cushion.  This will help to provide maximum protection.  AirPack uses multi air chambers technology.  So in the event one of the chambers would incur a puncture, your product will still be adequately protected.

Airpacks are made to protect a wide variety of items such as glass bottles, toner cartridges or electronic items.  As you only inflate the Airpacks when you are ready to package your item, the space you require to store your packaging will be kept to a minimum.  Bags can be inflated by any standard 3 pin compressor, or you can purchase a suitable compressor along with your first order of bags.

AirPack (Air Paq Packaging) Inflatable Packaging Benefits:

  • Reduce your damage and returns
  • Lower your storage and shipping costs
  • 100% Recyclable packaging
  • Quick and Easy for you to use
  • No mess – unlike polystyrene
  • Variety of shapes and sizes for different uses
  • Re usable by you and your customers (exc the black heat sealable range)


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