With Over 75 years in business, Frederick Jones has grown to become one of Ireland’s largest suppliers of packaging and corrugated boxes.

Using the latest technology and materials, we can work closely with you to create exactly what you need, just when you need it.

With the ability to manufacture thousands of corrugated boxes, timber cases, pallets or one-off bespoke cases, we can design and produce packaging solutions for everything from aircraft wings to apples and deliver them to you, on time, every time.

The Forties

Frederick Jones (Belfast) Limited was originally founded as Jones Bros. & Daly in the late 1800’s.  In the early 1900’s the owners went their separate ways and in 1944 Frederick Jones was established as a going concern on our current site.  It was, and still is, a family owned concern and was set up to manufacture wooden products in the form of boxes, bread trays, stillages etc. to serve a wide range of commercial and industrial concerns.

Frederick jones in the 1940s - Packaging Companies Belfast

The Sixties

In 1968 we introduced a triple wall corrugated fibreboard called Tri-Wall Pak as an alternative to timber packaging.  It was a unique product in that it both complemented, and in some instances replaced the wooden box.  Other lighter double-wall and single wall grades of corrugated board were added, thus providing a more comprehensive range to new and existing customers.  In 1972 the location at Napier Street was extended to facilitate the introduction of new fabrication machinery for the corrugated division.

Frederick jones in the 1960s - Packaging Companies Belfast

The Seventies

During the mid 1970’s in Northern Ireland further expansion took place with the introduction padded bags, bubble & foam rolls, strapping and Edgeguard.  Also in the 1970’s the company created a Construction Products Division to extend its range of services to the marketplace with the introduction of specialist tapes for the construction section.  To further expand the division we became the distributors for ITW Paslode.

Frederick jones in the 1970s - Packaging Companies Belfast

The Nineties

In 1995 we doubled the size of our premises with the building of a new factory and invested heavily in new machinery and equipment for the manufacture of corrugated cases. The new factory and machinery made it possible for us to die-cut and print various corrugated products in house, allowing us to further improve our service and flexibility to the market place.  We also obtained ISO9001 accreditation.

Frederick jones in the 1990s - Packaging Companies Belfast

The Twenty Tens

In 2016 we completed the purchase and refurbishment of a 30,000 sq foot warehouse to extend the range of packaging products available to you and to make that range available with a just in time service.

In 2019 we celebrated our 75th Anniversary as Frederick Jones (Belfast) and what better way to celebrate our anniversary, than turning our new 30,000 sq foot warehouse into a dedicated corrugated manufacturing plant with some of the latest machine available on the market!


Frederick jones in the 2010s - Packaging Companies Belfast

The Twenty Twenties

In 2022 we launched our online shop giving you the ability to purchase from our range of corrugated stock boxes and have them delivered to your door.  Click on ‘Shop’ on the menu bar above to visit our online shop.