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With 75 years in the packaging business, Frederick Jones has grown to become one of Ireland’s largest suppliers of corrugated, timber and foam packaging. Using the latest technology and materials, we can work closely with you to create a product which is exactly what you need.  Also we can deliver it  in the perfect quantity, just when you need it.

Further we have the ability to make thousands of corrugated boxes.  Or simply a one-off bespoke corrugated/timber box, on time, every time.


Frederick Jones has produced a wide range of packaging for some of the UK & Ireland’s most respected companies. Having originally been a specialist supplier to the linen, food manufacturers and engineering industries, our ability to combine style and protection in lightweight, delivery-friendly designs is now second to none.

Operating within all sectors of the Northern Ireland economy, from aerospace, IT and food, to electronics, retail and construction, our experience enables us to become an integral part of your supply chain.

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Our commitment to innovation can be traced right back to 1968 when we introduced the Tri-Wall pack as an alternative to heavy, expensive timber packaging.

The 1970s saw us introduce Jiffy products to the Irish market.  The 1980s brought the space saving and cost effective ‘Just-In-Time’ stock inventory system to our customers.  In the 1990s we invested heavily in new machinery, doubling the size of our premises and in 2015 we doubled the size of our premises yet again!

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Our clients trust us to offer them packaging, warehousing and delivery solutions that suit their needs and budgets.

Warehousing & Deliveries

Our warehousing and Just-In-Time delivery service lets us deal with all the hassle of storing your packaging and allows you to keep your operational space at a maximum.

Or if experienced man power is an issue for you, we have the ability to establish, manage and staff your warehouse operations, in effect providing you with logistics solutions for your whole supply chain.

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Our flexibility allows us to work with businesses of all kinds and sizes to offer a variety of solutions which combine practicality, looks and efficiency. Created to fit your objectives exactly, our solutions always find the perfect balance between style and protection.

So, from complex and bulky engineering parts to fragile IT components, to a simple Jiffy bag, we have the perfect packaging for you.


With the most up-to-date design software and one of the largest CAD tables in Ireland, Frederick Jones can provide you with a design service that is second to none.

From the design concept to supplying prototype samples, we aim to exceed your expectations and meet your individual needs at every stage of the process.

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