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Slot Drain

The Flexseal slot drainage product combines subtlety, quality and effectiveness to provide a water management system that is ideal for domestic applications.

The discrete channel ensures that the quality of the surrounding landscape is priority, whilst providing a vital role in protecting the landscape by transferring excess surface water.

As well as providing aesthetically pleasing results, Flexseal’s slot drain is an effective domestic water management system with a flow rate of 4.5 l/s and the flexibility to be installed in areas with light vehicle access.

 Features & Benefits

  •   Ideal for domestic, threshold and light vehicle areas only
    •   Can handle a flow rate of 4.5 l/s
    •   100% recycled polypropylene, so light & easy to install
    •   Base tested to BS EN 1433
    •   Positive mechanical joint between each channel length
    •   Can be installed with block paving or concrete surround