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Protect VP300

Protect VP300 is a medium weight vapour permeable roof underlay.  It has a vapour resistance better than that required by BS 5250 and a strength greater than many other underlays in its class. It is suitable for all pitched roofs particularly fully supported applications. Protect VP300 is both CE marked and BM TRADA certified and provides an economic solution when the highest specification of roof underlay such as VP400 PlusLR is not required.

Protect VP300 can provide a secondary line of defence against wind driven rain and snow.  It can also be used as a temporary roof covering before the slates or tiles are applied.

Protect VP300 Roll Details:

Width: 1.0 or 1.5m
Length: 50m
Total area: 50 or 75m2
Weight: 6.55 or 9.83kg

For more information and technical details, click here to download Protect’s data sheet.