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Protect FCM750 Floor Membrane

Protect FCM750 floor cassette membrane will provide you with a simple and practical solution to maintain airtightness at floor junctions.  FCM750 is a triple ply membrane, incorporating a waterproof and vapour permeable core.  The core is sandwiched between two layers of non-woven spun bonded polypropylene. So this will ensure the product is entirely water resistant and airtight, but will remain highly vapour permeable.  Further this minimises the risk of harmful condensation at the vulnerable edges of the floor cassette.

Protect FCM750 Benefits:

  • Highly vapour permeable in excess of the min value required for wall membranes.
  • Completely water and airtight.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • 2 roll widths for differing floor cassette types.
  • Use as temporary weather protection.
  • Available in practical 50m rolls, in two widths, 0.75m for standard floors, or 1.0m wide for deeper or acoustic floors.

Roll area: 37.5 or 50m2
Roll weight: 4.91 or 6.55kg

For more information and technical details, click here to download Protect’s data sheet.