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PPN35Ci Placement Nailer

The PPN35Ci Placement Nailer is the first and best gas positive placement nailer on the market. The new PPN35Ci makes light work of fixing joist hangers, truss clips, connector plates and strapping in even the most tight spaces.  Being three times faster than using a hammer and nail, this revolutionary tool pays for itself in just six working days based on the reduced labour required on site.

The PPN35Ci fires 3.4 x 35mm Hardened Twisted Nails with a cycle rate of 2-3 nails per second and the intelligent fuel injection system delivers unrivalled cold weather performance with a working threshold of -15ºC to +49ºC.

PPN35Ci Placement Nailer Detials:

Weight: 4.0kg
Dimensions: 384 x 328 x 127mm
Power: 95 J
Nail size: 35mm Hardnd Twisted Nails
Cycle rate: 2 – 3 nails per second
Max Cycle rate 1,000 nails per hour, 3,330 per day
Fuel cell Capacity: 1,250 shots at -5ºC
Battery: Up to 7,500 shots, 1 hour charge

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