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Marmox Thermoblock

Marmox Thermoblock is a high insulating, load bearing, XPS building block designed to replace the course of brick at the bottom of a wall. At this point they practically eliminate thermal bridge and help to retain significant heat within the building structure.

Thermoblocks are lightweight yet extremely strong. They can support a construction of at least two storeys making them unique because there is no other insulated block on the market that has such strength.

Marmox Thermoblock Details:

The standard thickness is 65mm, so it is the equivalent to the height of a standard brick. two widths are available 100mm and 140mm.

Thermoblocks comprise of a high insulating core of XPS and load bearing columns.  They are then covered top and bottom with a layer of fibreglass mesh embedded in a microfiber reinforced polymer concrete.

Marmox Thermoblocks comply with regulations;

  • B2 (fitness of materials),
  • C5 (reduction of condensation),
  • D1 (strength and stability),
  • F2 (energy conservation),
  • F3 (Co2 Emissions) of Northern Ireland.