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Glidevale Eaves Ventilation

Glidevale Eaves Ventilation range consists of a number of products.

FV Fascia Ventilators

Glidevale FV Fascia Ventilators are an unobtrusive method of providing ventilation in a range of eaves details, including those without a projecting soffit. FV Fascia Ventilators must be used with RV Rafter Ventilators to provide a continuous ventilation path from roof void to outside.

•Quick and easy to install.
•Lightweight and durable.
•Compatible with all roof tile clips and eaves fillers.
•Does not effect slating/tiling process.
•Gutter bracket spacers available to ensure correct gutter position and unrestricted airflow.

  Soffit Ventilators

Glidevale SV Soffit Ventilators are for installation at eaves with a projecting soffit and must always be used with RV Rafter Ventilators.

•Can be used with all common soffit board materials.
•Suitable for new roofs or refurbishment.
•Colours to match stained or painted soffit boards.
•Options to provide ventilation openings of 10,000mm²/m or 25,000mm²/m.
•Independent of Rafter spacings.
•Quick and easy to install with no special tools required.

  Rafter Trays

Glidevale RV Rafter Ventilators are designed for use with FV Fascia Ventilators and SV Soffit Ventilators to ensure a clear air path between the roof underlay and insulation at all types of eaves. Suitable for new build and refurbishment work.

•Independent of SV and FV ventilators enabling use with any depth of soffit.
•Suits all standard rafter spacings.
•Options to provide ventilation openings of 10,000mm²/m or 25,000mm²/m.
•Options for open foot rafters.
•Cross strengthening ribs prevent underlay sagging.