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DPM – Damp Proof Membranes

BBA Damp Proof Membrane is a blown film of extruded low-density polyethylene suitable for use in concrete floors not subject to hydrostatic pressure.  The Damp proof membrane forms an effective barrier to the passage of moisture and water vapour from the ground.

The product can be installed either as an oversite membrane, between a blinded hard core bed and the base concrete, or as a sandwich membrane in base concrete or between the base concrete and screed.

Three gauges/thickness are available,

Nominal Thickness    250um                    300um                    500um
Gauge                            1000                       1200                        2000
Roll Length                   25m                        25m                         12.5m
Roll Width                      4m                          4m                            4m
Roll Height                    23kg                       27.6kg                      23kg