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Steico Insulation Products

Steico insulation products are innovative building materials that offer long term performance and increase the comfort of living.  This is achieved by increasing the energy efficiency in buildings. Steico products are environmentally friendly as they are produced from sustainable resources. They provide a low thermal conductivity.  Also combined with a high heat storage capacity, they help to achieve a comfortable cool environment in the summer and a comfortable warm environment in the winter.

Steico Insulation Products Available:

  • Steico Flex: a flexible thermal insulation made from wood for cavity insulation in roofs, walls and floors. Water vapour open for a healthy room climate. 1220mmx575mm, thickness from 20 to 240mm.
  • Steico Therm: rigid insulation for applications on walls and roofs. Sub screed insulation. 1350x600mm, thickness from 20 to 200mm.
  • Steico Top: insulation for attic floors. Fit for light footfall without secondary boarding. Special high resistant surface finish. 1200x400mm, thickness 80 & 100mm.
  • Steico Underfloor: underlay for wood and laminate flooring. Improvement of the acoustics on parquet and laminate floorings.
  • Steico Weatherdek: p5 peel-off protected flooring. A structural particleboard floor decking with peel-off waterproof surface protection.
  • Steico Weatherprotect: p5 sealed surface flooring. A structural particleboard floor decking with a permanent waterproof surface protection.

For further information and to download various data sheets, click here to visit the Steico Comany’s website.