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Steico I-Joist

Steico I-Joist is a suitable for applications such as floors and roofs. Made from slow grown spruce, the flanges are kiln dried and machine stress graded.  Thus guaranteeing consistent quality.  Also Steico I-Joists consist of a 8mm thick structural fibreboard web, for high shear capacities.

Steico I-Joist Benefits include:

  • Reduction of thermal bridging
  • Easy installation of services
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and install
  • Manufactured to standard depths and widths to match industry standards
  • High loadbearing capacity
  • Easy to machine


Type        Flange      Joist Depth             Length

SJ45            45×39             200mm                    13m
SJ45            45×39             220mm                    13m
SJ45            45×39             240mm                    13m
SJ45            45×39             300mm                    13m
SJ45            45×39             360mm                    13.5m

SJ60            60×39             200mm                    13m
SJ60            60×39             220mm                    13m
SJ60            60×39             240mm                    13m
SJ60            60×39             300mm                    13.5m
SJ60            60×39             360mm                    13.5m
SJ60            60×39             400mm                    13.5m

For more information, click here to download the Technical data sheet.