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Spit Pulsa 800P

The Spit Pulsa 800P cordless gas nailer is the fastest and most reliable fixing solution for drywall contractors. The Pulsa 800P offers a secure & fast solution for fixing drywall to concrete and steel.  Applications include fixing drywall track systems to concrete, masonry, block and structural steel. It can also be used to fix timber up to 20mm thick to concrete, brick, block and Structural steel. Further applications include fixing fire protection systems to steel and fixing angle brackets to concrete, brick, block and structural steel.

Each Spit Pulsa 800P Cordless Gas Nailer comes with a 20 pin magazine, a high impact carry case, battery, battery charger, safety glasses, Allen key and instruction manual.

Spit Pulsa 800P Details:

Weight: 3.8 kg
Dimensions: 396 x 114 x 309mm
Magazine Capacity: 20 pins
Impact Force: 100 J
Actuation Pressure: 4.5kg
Voltage: 3.7V
Intermittent operation: 2 pins per second
Fuel Cell Life: 600 shots
Battery Charge Life: 1,500 pins
Charge Time: 90 mins

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