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SIGA Sicrall 60 and 170

Siga Sicrall 60 is a single sided high performance adhesive tape which you can use to seal overlaps of vapour control layers.  Also you can apply to joints of wood based panels to make them airtight. For example OSB panels.  You can apply to wood, gypsum fibre boards, gypsum plasteboards, metals and hard plastics.  It contains an extremely strong adhesion, a sturdy carrier material and is hand tearable.

Sicrall 170 offers the optimum solution for airtight sealing of injection holes for cellulose insulation and large leakages in the vapour control layer in one work step.  Sicrall 170 comes in a dispenser box with a cutting gauge and built in blade.

Siga Sicrall Roll Sizes

60mm x 40m, 10 Rolls/Bx
170mm x 40m, 1 Roll/Bx

Click here to watch a video on how to apply Siga Sicrall or to download a product data sheet.