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Glidevale GDB10 Gas Protection Membrane

Glidevale GDB10 Gas Protection Membrane, is a universal barrier membrane for protection against methane, co2 and radon.  Also it will protect against damp penetration from the ground. It is light enough to be carried by a single person, yet strong enough to resist punctures or tears.  Furthermore it meets all the requirements contained in the Ground Gas Handbook.

• Resistant to harmful soil gases & damp penetration.
• You will require no additional damp proof membrane.
• Will enable Building Regulations Part C to be met.
• Tough and durable.
• Easy to cut, clean and light to handle.
• Independently certified.

GDB10 Gas Protection Membrane Sizes:

1000mm x 40m
150mm x 20m
2500mm x 40m
450mm x 40m
600mm x 40m

For more information and to download a brochure, click here to visit Glidevale’s dedicated web page.